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Say Hello to Your New Farmhand

Wheel Line Mover. Evolved.

The next generation of wheel line movers is here, and it moves with the push of a button. .For the first time ever, our Western wehel line and Wade Rain Powerroll wheel line mover system can be moved remotely, with the push of a button. Brought to you by Hydroside

  • All electric, solar charged drivetrain by HdroSide
  • Remotely operated from up to 1-mile away
  • Built on top of the proven Western and Powerroll wheel line mover platforms

Go Green to Grow Green
Switching to an all-electric solar- charged wheelline mover won't just save you time and effort, it'll save you gas, allowing you to focus on your crops, not your enviromental impact.



Provides quick and accurate flow rate checking of individual sprayer nozzles. This model is best for flow rates below 2.25 GPM typical of herbicide and insecticide application.



The SpotOn® Mega Flow Meter features an increased capacity of up to 44 GPM, improved accuracy and requires zero prep work! Released in November 2020, this meter replaces SpotOn®’s original Irrigation Flow Meter. Visit our website to learn more.

Make Every Drop Count

Precision VRI

Next-level variable rate irrigation by Zimmatic.

Go beyond speed or sector-based VRI to conserve water, increase farmable land and produce higher yields—it’s all possible with Zimmatic Precision VRI. This solution helps growers provide precise amounts of water or chemicals to each area of their field and each type of crop they grow for powerful, proven results.

At Double M Supply we have the equipment and solutions you need to manage your entire irrigation operation. With remote management solutions and the right irrigation systems, your operation can run smoothly and efficiently. 

FieldNET® by Lindsay Remote Management

Contact us about remote management solutions for your irrigation systems. FieldNET allows you to have total control of your field irrigation from the palm of your hand.

Spend less time in the field, spend less money on valuable resources, and regain control of your irrigating operation.

Features of FieldNET:

  • Control of pivots, laterals, drip systems, pumps, end guns, injectors and sensors
  • Receive alerts and status updates in real-time
  • Create variable rate irrigation plans
  • Run customizable reports

Whether you are on a computer or your mobile device, you can control your operation from anywhere.

FieldNET for web allows total access from any device with a web browser. FieldNET for mobile allows on-the-go use for any device connected to their mobile application.

Need more than one user for others who assist with your operation? No problem! You can provide your team members with their own secure username and password to access the equipment that they need to see.


Getting the correct amount of water on your crop at the right time is crucial for obtaining higher yields, but it's also important to apply it uniformly. Zimmatic irrigation systems provide a cost-effective solution, alleviating risk when the weather isn't ideal for planting and growing conditions.

As a dealer for Zimmatic, we can get you the best irrigation systems on the market.


The 9500P has the most tower height options of any Zimmatic irrigation system.

Product Features:

  • Pivot Point with Collector Ring – Mounted externally, this collector ring eliminates water flow restriction
  • Pipe – The thicker 6 5/8-inch pipeline has added strength and flexibility to offer you the most substantial piping in the industry.
  • Structure – Formed sprinkler outlets, Uni-Knuckle span connector, and multiple tower height options are provided with the 9500P irrigation system. The tower height options allow this product to fit any crop.

The 8500P features a 12-guage pipeline that will provide consistent irrigation to your crops for decades.

Product Features:

  • Pipe – 6 5/8 inch diameter, 12-guage pipe and tower joints, and high tensile steel. The 9500P pipeline can be used in place of 8500P pipe for convenience and machine flexibility.
  • Structure – High tensile strength ¾-inch or 11/16-inch truss rods, exclusive truss design and truss rod pockets, crossed tower braces, Uni-Knuckle span connection, compact pivot point, and uniformly arching spans. The 8500P offers a full complement of tower options – low, standard, medium, or high clearance.
  • Driveline - The 8500P has a standard 43 RPM center drive motor, the fastest rotation speed of any center drive available.

This product has the height needed to irrigate taller crops and the strength to get the job done right.

Product Features:

  • Full Flow Collector Ring – this externally mounted ring eliminates water flow restriction. It is encased in fiberglass and ensure uninterrupted power with dual sliding contacts.
  • Pipe – Zimmatic pipes are tested for durability to meet the highest quality standards. With a diameter of 11.4 cm and high tensile strength steel, you receive longevity and increased strength.
  • Structure – An exclusive truss design, truss rod pockets, crossed tower braces, Uni-Knuckle span connection, and 12.7 cm pivot point offer more support with quality materials at an affordable price.
  • Driveline – The 7500P has a standard 43 RPM center drive motor, the fastest rotation speed of any center drive available.


At Double M Ag & Irrigation, we stock all sizes of mainline to ensure that we have what you need, and we have the knowledge to get the job done right.

Field experience and design expertise are both vital components when designing a new irrigation system. Our irrigation salesmen are knowledgeable and can design and engineer your underground to meet your irrigation system demands. From pumps to sprinkler packages, start to finish, we have you covered.

Other Products

At Double M Ag & Irrigation, we also specialize in the following:

  • Handlines
  • Wheel line
  • Irripod Systems


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