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About Us

Double M Ag and Irrigation, founded in 1981 by Mark Mills, was originally called Double M Tack and Saddle. Mark worked out of a room in his barn while working full-time at Power County Implement. After Power County Implement closed in 1986, Mark decided to change its name to Double M Ranch and Ag and work full-time out of his pick-up. Business continued to grow so Mark purchased a small building and land in American Falls. As the business evolved, the need for a second location became very evident, and in 1997 Mark opened a store in Aberdeen, Idaho.

In 2001, Travis Mills (Mark’s Son) began working full-time, and together they built a larger storefront and warehouse. Growth was inevitable with this new expansion, and in 2006, Double M took on a Zimmatic dealership which doubled the size of the business. With this expansion, Mark and Travis began doing business as Double M Ag & irrigation. Combining Ag parts, Irrigation Parts, and Service under one roof makes Double M truly a “one-stop shop” for all farming needs.

Over the next decade, Double M has concentrated its efforts on customer service and competitive pricing. Roots of customer service and dedication to the farming industry run deep in the culture of Double M.

In 2016, another Partner was added to the business. Mike Phillips, a long-time employee of Double M, was added to the ownership team, yet again strengthening Double M’s industry knowledge and Customer Service. For the past two years, a focus of Double M has been to better serve its customers in Eastern Idaho, and in February of 2018, a third store was opened in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Currently, Double M Ag & Irrigation ships daily across the United States and Canada. We hope to continue to spread business into more potato states across the U.S. Our focus has been and always will be on the future of agriculture.

Get to Know Our Team

Double M Ag & Irrigation is able to do the work that we do every day because of this wonderful team of people. Our executives, sales and services teams, and office staff work together to make everything that we do possible. 

Chairman of the Board

Mark Mills.jpg

Mark Mills, Retired


Executive Team

Travis Mills.jpg

Travis Mills, CEO

Mike Phillips.jpg

Mike Phillips, CSO

Morgan Nash.jpg

Morgan Nash, COO/CFO

Parts Sales Team

Jimmy Torres.jpg

Jimmy Torres
Parts Sales
American Falls

Ty Glover.jpg

Tyler Glover
Parts Sales
American Falls


Outside Sales 
American Falls


Devin Henicksman
Parts Sales
American Falls

Horace Renfro.jpg

Horace Renfro
Parts Sales/Store manager

Justin Pratt.jpgJustin Pratt
Parts Sales

Clark Leland.jpg

Clark Leland
Parts Sales

Irrigation Sales Team

Stephen Grigg.jpg

Stephen Grigg
Irrigation Sales
American Falls

Casey Wilhelm.jpg

Casey Wilhelm
Irrigation Sales

 Irrigation Service Team

Ted Anderson.jpg

Ted Andersen
Lead Service Technician

Manuel Ledesma.jpg

Manuel Ledesma
Service Technician

Riley Thomson.jpg

Riley Thomson
Service Technician

Gary Nelson.jpg

Gary Nelson
Irrigation Service Foreman

Steffanie Rasmussen.jpg

Steffanie Rasmussen
Irrigation Service Writer

Robert Hererra.jpg

Robert Hererra
Service Technician

Armando Salis.jpg

Armando Salis
Irrigation Service/Installation

Alejandro Salis.jpg

Alejandro Salis
Irrigation Service/Installation

Ramundo Rios.jpg

Ramundo Rios
Irrigation Service/Installation

Administration Team

Kevin Schroeder.jpg

Kevin Schroeder
Accounting Manager

Katie McKarthy.jpg

Katie McCarthy
Accounts Payable/Advertising

Purchasing / Warehouse

Ty Colton.jpg

Ty Colton
Purchasing Agent

Kuan Lujano.jpg

Juan Lujano

Payton Mayer.jpg

Peyton Mayer
Shipping/Receiving Assistant